Frequently Asked Questions

Your healthcare professional is here to help. Consult her/him.

Here are some answers :

What should I do if my doctor is absent (maternity, illness)?

Doctors who have to be temporarily absent are not replaced. However, all test results received (blood test, imaging) are checked by colleagues.

If your doctor is away and you have a minor emergency, use the walk-in clinic. The doctor will have access to your medical record.

Your pharmacist can prescribe certain medications for a minor health problem or as a preventive measure, they can extend a prescription and adjust your treatments according to certain criteria. Don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist what they can do to help you.

You can access your laboratory results on the Québec Health Booklet

What should I do if my health insurance card has expired?

Expired RAMQ card: If your RAMQ card has expired, you must contact the RAMQ at 514-864-3411 to obtain a temporary number and fax the document to our clinic at 514-765-9625 before the consultation.

For patients without a valid or temporary health insurance card,fees may apply.

Can I get vaccinated at the clinic?

We do not offer vaccination of children, nor for Covid-19, nor vaccination for travelers.

In the fall, the clinic offers seasonal flu vaccination appointments for registered patients only.

Is there a fee to have a medical form completed?

Yes, fees may apply. To see the grid of rates suggested by the Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec, refer to the following link.


In accordance with the most recent guidelines, unless otherwise specified by your doctor or health professional, consultations are in person.
In some special cases, the doctor may offer a teleconsultation to a patient they already know for the follow-up of a chronic problem (eg diabetes).

Patients not consulting with their own family doctor and patients who have a new health condition should be assessed in person.

I missed the doctor's call, will they call me back?

Yes, the doctor will usually try to call you back a 2nd time. If they fail to reach you after two calls, they will consider you to have missed your appointment. The time for my appointment has passed and I still haven’t seen the doctor (or received a call). Is this normal?

The time for my appointment has passed and I still haven't seen the doctor (or received a call). Is this normal?

We do our best to respect the appointment time. However, it is common for an appointment to take longer than expected and delay other appointments of the day. Be patient. There is no point in asking the secretaries what time you will actually see the doctor.

How do I prepare for my medical visit?

If it is a first appointment, be sure to note your various health problems (e.g. asthma, heart problem, …) as well as the tests you have had in recent years.

Before a follow-up appointment with your family doctor, make a list of the issues you want to discuss with the doctor and mention this list at the beginning of the consultation. As consultations are limited in duration, the doctor will be able to judge which problems are priorities.

Have an up-to-date list of your medications. Check in advance if certain medications need to be renewed. Vérifiez d’avance si certains médicaments doivent être renouvelés.

How can I get my test results?

When you subscribe to Québec Health Booklet, you have access to your medical imaging results and your sampling results, including blood and urine tests.

Bill 25 on protection of personal information.

A ”confidentiality incident” is defined as :

  • legally unauthorized access to personal information
  • legally unauthorized use of personal information
  • legally unauthorized communication of personal information
  • loss of personal information or any other failure to protect that information.

If you think there has been a confidentiality breach at the clinic concerning your personal information, contact Mrs Micheline Dufresne, administrator at 514-765-3600.